Social Action Leadership Team

The Social Action Leadership Team (SALT) is the Spirit-led social justice ministry of the Chapel of the Resurrection at Valparaiso University in which students in community seek to embody the Christian call to be the ‘salt of the earth’ (Matthew 5:13).

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

[Salt-l] Holiday Trade Fair Volunteers - Invitation to edit

Molly Hetzner has invited you to edit the following spreadsheet:

This is the sign up list to help with the Valparaiso International Center's Holiday Fair Trade Bazaar that I talked about yesterday. Just sign up for some times that you would be available on Friday 12/5 and Saturday 12/6 to help sell some fun fair trade items! More details to come.

Have a great break!
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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

[Salt-l] SALT Meeting Minutes 11/18/14

- Spring Break Trips-> student leader application is extended and there are still trips open so sign up! If you have not paid for your trip you are NOT signed up.
- T-Shirts $10 pay Heidi or you cannot get a shirt
-International Education Week
-This Sunday from 10am-3pm Volunteers for Craft Fair selling Grain of Rice products, talk to Samantha Schmidt,
-12 Days of Christmas Giving- starts Dec.1st donate your leftover meal card money to Hilltop!
-Fair Trade Bazaar Friday Dec.5th and 6th need volunteers to sign up to sell crafts, sign up on Molly's sign up sheet or email her at

WRC Voting:
-We voted from 4 projects to 2 to 1
-We skyped with the four finalists to have them talk about their projects and ask them a few clarifying questions
-And the WRC Campaign for 2015 is.....A Leg To Stand On!

Information within this email is to be kept confidential, meaning please do not post or reveal this information to anyone outside of SALT until the Official SALT Page posts/reveals this first.

Thank you very much for all your hard work! Have a great break and a Happy Thanksgiving!

Ashley Long
SALT Secretary

[Salt-l] The Decision

Good afternoon Salters!

I pray everyone is able to stay somewhat warm throughout this frigid day.
If not, our meeting tonight will surely bring some excitement and warmth to you!

We will have a 10 minute conversation with each organization tonight that will include two standard questions and then questions that you all want to ask them.
Next we will vote for our top 2. Finally we will vote for our winner.

IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO ATTEND BUT STILL WANT TO VOTE please fill out and submit the Google Form attached below no later than 10:00p.m. central time.

Please be sure to review the proposals, be prayerful in your consideration, and listen to where God is giving you an ardent passion to do His work.
Thank you all for your dedication during the voting process. Although the decision will be hard, the satisfaction come May, no matter the result, will be truly joyous.


[Salt-l] The Decision. And Pepper. Tonight @ 9:00

Hello friends,

I hope you are all staying warm and well on this week before break. If you need a break from the cold and studies before we reach break, join us in the Hearth tonight.

At 9:00 pm the Not Born for Porn Passion Group is leading a Pepper on the dangers of pornography.

At 9:30 pm we will begin our meeting to decide who we will partner with for the WRC. Look out for an email for more on the WRC coming later today.

Thank you and see you all tonight. 



PS Don't forget to bring $10 for t-shirts! 

Monday, November 17, 2014

[Salt-l] Bring Your T-Shirt Money Tomorrow!!!

Hi SALTers!

T-shirts cost $10.  Bring it to SALT tomorrow!  We are collecting money BEFORE ordering the shirts so if you don't pay first you won't get one!!

Heidi Binder
Valparaiso University '15
Christ College-The Honors College
Psi Chi Honor Society-Vice President
Psychology Club-Vice President
Social Action Leadership Team (SALT)
Harre Union Administration-Student Assistant
Sigma Alpha Iota Women's Music Fraternity

[Salt-l] Final Four Proposals and Voting

Hey SALTers!

Happy Monday, I hope the beginning of your week is off to a great start! Break is just around the corner so stay focused and finish strong.

For us we still have a major task to complete this week and that is selecting our partner organization for the World Relief Campaign. We will vote tomorrow on the final four and eventually select just one. Attached the four proposals in a google drive folder. 

Please review every aspect of each proposal. This will help in making an already extremely difficult choice somewhat easier.​
If you have any questions please feel free to contact me!
Thank you all for the work you are doing.

Cogan Blackmon

Sunday, November 16, 2014

[Salt-l] A Few Reminders and An Opportunity

Hello friends,

I hope your weekend has been restful or productive or both.

 Don't forget about our Fall Fun Day Today with our Passion Group 4 KIDDS at 11:30 in one of the Ballrooms. 

And then our interfaith dialogue at 2:00 pm in the Hearth with our interfaith dialogue Passion Group. 

And lastly, for any of you interested in helping to reduce gender based violence and doing this through a Christian perspective, read this message below from a pastor at Phil's church back home. And enjoy the day!



Dear Members and Friends,


On November 16 at 9:45 a.m. Sunday Forum will focus on the draft of a social message on gender-based violence. The ELCA Church Council has authorized the writing of a Social Message on Gender-based Violence.


Social messages are adopted by the ELCA Church Council as a means to encourage learning and moral discourse.  Social messages of the ELCA are topical documents adopted by the ELCA Church Council to focus attention and action on timely, pressing matters of social concern to the church and society. They are used to address pressing contemporary concerns in light of the prophetic and compassionate traditions of Scripture and do not establish new teaching or policy. Rather, they build upon previously adopted teaching and policy positions, especially from social statements.


You are invited to read the twenty-four page draft and participate in the discussion on Sunday, November 16. You are also encouraged to give feedback to the writing team.  The Draft of a Social Message on Gender-based Violence is available for public comment and response. Please use either the online feedback form or the printable feedback form. The comment period runs through November 26th, and you are invited to participate by sending your feedback by email.


Click here to learn more about the project from an FAQ. | en español


The tentative timeline calls for a message, or messages, to be considered by the Church Council in April of 2015. I serve on the Church Council and as a liaison between Council and the ELCA's Task Force on Women and Justice: One in Christ. The Task Force requested this message after a year of listening events at which intense concerns were voiced about the growing level of gender-based violence in U.S. society. "Gender-based violence" includes, but is not limited to, rape, sexual abuse, physical and sexual assault, domestic and dating violence, and sexual harassment. It can be perpetrated by anyone.


The staff of the Theological Discernment Team in the Office of the Presiding Bishop is responsible for the project. The message will be developed in light of existing ELCA social teaching documents such as the statements on race, ethnicity and culture and sexuality; the message on commercial sexual exploitation; and the policy resolution on domestic violence. These resources can be found on the Theological Discernment resource page.

Comments or questions can be shared about this project at any time by email.


See more at:


Grace to you,

Pastor Robert Moore


The Rev. Dr. Robert G. Moore, Senior Pastor

Christ the King Lutheran Church

2353 Rice Boulevard

Houston, TX  77005

713-400-0518 (direct dial)

713-523-6578 FAX

832-212-3561 Mobile

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

[Salt-l] 4 KIDDS Fall Fun-day Sunday!

Hi Salters!
If you're interested in hanging out with some AMAZING kids this weekend, you should definitely come to the 4 KIDDS passion group event on Sunday! :)

4 KIDDS is the SALT passion group for advocacy for children with intellectual and developmental disabilities. And this Sunday, November, 16th from 11:30-1:30 in Ballroom C of the Harre Union, the kids from Club Wonder are coming to campus for a fall fun day!

At the event, we will be making hand turkeys, (who doesn't love hand turkeys!?!), painting little pumpkins, watching a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, and having lots of fun! :) There will be snacks!!!

If you're interested in coming to the event, or have any additional questions, please contact me!

Hope to see all of you there!

[Salt-l] SALT Minutes 11/11/14


- Remember that applications for Spring Break Leaders with the deposit is due this FRIDAY 11/14/14 and applications for spring breaks trip are due the beginning of December!
-Reminder that if you still need money or have used money for your passion group to fill out the appropriate forms and talk to Katie to get reimbursed.
-Sign up for a SALT T-Shirt! They will be $10 and you have to pay before we can order them. Bring the $10 next week to SALT.
-Not Born for Porn and Suicide Awareness Displays, take a minute and look at the displays to support other passion groups!
-Interfaith Dialogue Sunday Nov. 16th at 2pm in the Hearth
-4 KIDDS Fall Fun Day Sunday the 16th at 11:30am Ballroom C
-Not Born for Porn Pepper Tuesday the 18th 9:00pm
-College Mentors for Kids tomorrow at 3:30pm
-Veteran's Day 5K this Saturday 11/15/14 11:30am
-WRC Final Four NEXT WEEK at 9:30pm

Devotion/ Prayer-Zach

-Voting from 13 applications down to four applications tonight!
-One person for each application asked if there were any questions and clarified anything about the application.
-The four WRC applications that are left are Kids Alive International, A Leg to Stand On, Another Child foundation, and Exile International.

Have a great night and see you next week for more voting!
Ashley Long
SALT Secretary 

[Salt-l] Service Trip Pepper @ 9:00 and WRC Voting @ 9:30

Good morning friends,

I hope your week is off to a great start. 

Don't forget that we have a pepper tonight at 9:00 pm to learn more about spring break service trips.

And of course we are beginning WRC voting tonight at 9:30. See you all there!



PS for your amusement
This is me from last year's spring break trip in Colorado approving of the awesomeness (Photo cred to Sarah Sutter, the wonderful woman who handles reservations in the union and helped us find our home, the Hearth).

Monday, November 10, 2014

[Salt-l] Voting for 2015 World Relief Campaign

Hey Salters!

As you all know, tomorrow we start the voting for the World Relief Campaign. If you are unable to attend the meeting but still want to vote, have no worries! Attached to this email is a Google form where you can submit your top 4 votes for this year's WRC. PLEASE SUBMIT THIS FORM BEFORE 9p.m. TOMORROW!

Be Blessed

If you have trouble viewing or submitting this form, you can fill it out online:

Voting for 2015 World Relief Campaign

Below is the list of the 13 proposals for the 2015 World Relief Campaign. After you have read through the proposals and selected the ones you are most passionate about, please fill out this form and submit it before Tuesday at 9p.m.
Thank you for being a part of this first round of voting. The finalist will be announced directly following the meeting on Tuesday 11/11/14.
* Required

[Salt-l] World Relief Campaign Voting

Good Evening Salters,

Amid your busy Monday evenings of getting started on this week's work, I hope this email finds you all focused and productive!
This is just a reminder that tomorrow we are starting the voting for our World Relief Campaign. We will be going from 13 proposals to 4 finalist!

FYI -- We will not be advocating for each of the proposals like we have done in years past. That process always takes up a lot of time and the voting is rushed.
Instead, we will open the floor for questions regarding each proposal. The time allotted for each project will be brief so please be sure to read over the proposals before coming to the meeting.

To reiterate what to look for when reviewing the proposals:
examine each budget closely, discern how sustainable the project is, and make the connection of how this project matches with SALT's mission. 

Most importantly, find the proposal(s) you are most passionate about that will enable you to give all the love you can to the project and the people it will be impacting.

Selecting a campaign is an amazing responsibility to have, and it is also a very important one. Be prayerful in your consideration and trust that God has an incredible plan for the future World Relief Campaign that lies ahead.

Below are project summaries:

Wheat Ridge Ministries - The Young Sprouts, a food entrepreneur internship program of Genesis HOPE in Detroit, will grow healthy minds, bodies and communities. They currently operate a small urban farm and market where they learn healthy farming and eating and how to start and run sustainable micro enterprises. The project will expand the farm to 32 times its current size, and expand the market and its programs to serve more locals with good food, social capital, and support for developing micro enterprises. Funds will be used to purchase farm equipment and supplies, farmer's market supplies, and educational program supplies.

Neighbors Corp  - To expand access to clean drinking water in Guanajuato and other regions of Mexico in communities and schools lacking access to potable water; train local community outreach workers as educators on water issues and in distribution and maintenance of filter systems; to facilitate and train at least two teams of community members in assembly, distribution, and testing of water filter systems using the CATIS filters; and to set up at least two micro-enterprises, one in Guanajuato and one on another region of Mexico. Initially this will involve the installation of at least 250 filter systems in schools and homes

Kids Alive International - The Oasis, a Christian home for girls victimized by sexual trafficking and abuse in Guatemala, empowers young girls to become Christian women equipped to break the cycle of poverty around them. Underemployment is extreme - nearly all businesses are family businesses. Girls without families or from poor families have very few employment prospects. Formal education doesn't always bridge the gap. It is essential we train girls to be entrepreneurs and provide the tools necessary to run their own small business. These skills empower them with independence to prevent future abuse. 

Bethania Foundation - In India women face difficult challenges.  Poverty, abandonment, abuse and alcoholism are rampant. Bethania Kids operates women empowerment programs in Odisha and Tamil Nadu.  The grant will provide necessary funds to transform the existing program by providing equipment, training, entrepreneurship, and materials to women in the poorest conditions. We will be empowering them, providing micro financing, materials, equipment, and teaching them to run a business.  We will allocate funds through our Bethania Kids management staff in Bangalore India where our CEO, Operations Officer and Accountant reside.  Our existing program staff leaders in Kodaikanal and Odisha will administer the programs. 

Change This World - Café Vida will fund a self-sustaining coffee business in Copan, Honduras. One of Change This World's partner schools, Plan Escalón, a boarding school of 600 students rescued from the streets of Honduras, will operate this program. Along with receiving an education, students will also learn transferable life skills. Funds will be used to purchase 25,000 coffee trees, employ two full-time graduate students, tools needed for cultivating the land and an opportunity for students to learn the coffee trade. The profits will sustain the coffee fields as well as provide resources to pour back into the school's needs.

A Leg To Stand On - A Leg To Stand On ("ALTSO") respectfully submits this World Relief Campaign Application for its project: Mobility for Children with Limb Disabilities in Afghanistan.  A grant of $25,000 from the Social Action Leadership Team would enable ALTSO to provide prosthetic limbs, orthotic devices, and mobility aids to 450 children in Kabul, Afghanistan, who have lost or injured their limb(s) in traumatic accidents or suffer from congenital limb disabilities.  The project will be implemented over a 6-month period, effective immediately following the end of the campaign in the spring of 2015.

Family of God Churches Namibia - The project will offer Remedial class for school dropouts aged 7-14 with aim to integrate them into formal schools.  Despite provision of free education for primary learners  in terms of article 20 of  the Namibian Constitution, a significant proportion of children in squatter camps and informal settlements do not complete this cycle. Secondly Out Camps for vulnerable children experiencing chronic trauma will be organised to offer life skills and psycho-social support to help them build resilience. Establish a Toy libraries to offer play therapy to these children living in vulnerable condition.

The Caring Place - Caring Designs benefits women leaving the shelter by creating a new home with dignity. Volunteers make this valuable service cost-effective. A workshop and volunteer coordinator will assist with move-in day and creating a multipurpose workspace. Needed items are sewing machines, pillows, mattress covers, paint, bedding, fabric, microwaves for move-in day and a freezer for food storage for clients. The workshop would also teach clients basic skills to ensure their future success.

Mercy College - Mercy College, Ethiopia is currently engaged in provision of educational services to contribute to the development of the community & facilitation of skills & technology transfer. The aim of establishing library project is to have a well-furnished resource center in Mercy –college-Ethiopia. We are asking $25,000 to furnish our library with social, engineering  health & humanity books.

Porter Country Pact- PACT will use this funding for programming, to help both men and women overcome the experience of trauma that is often identified with justice involved participants. The grant funds will be used to purchase a curriculum to help clients focus on the root problem of trauma, understand the negative impact it has had on their decision making, and begin the healing process. Funds will be allocated to train staff in the delivery of this programming (curriculum and training, to purchase program/participant supplies, equipment, and to provide scholarships for participants with financial hardship.   

Exodus Refugee Exodus - wishes to expand and enhance its Mentorship Program, which assists refugees to become self-sufficient by linking them to community mentors. Mentors will work closely with newly resettled refugee families by assisting them to adapt to the U.S through cultural integration activities, such as English tutoring, local field trips, grocery shopping, using public transportation, and friendship building. Funding from SALT will be used to hire a part-time Mentorship Program coordinator, who will be responsible for arranging and training mentors, and towards the development of cultural integration activities.

Another Child Foundation - The funds given to Another Child will be used to purchase a new Group Home for orphans in Romania. Providing a Christian home for young children to be raised in a loving environment is a key to ACF reaching more and more children. The funds will be used immediately to purchase the home ACF feels is appropriate to us meeting the needs of the children God will entrust to us. The abandoned children ACF works with is social injustice at its very core. Children should never have to bear the emotional baggage of being abandoned.

Exile International - War is devastating. The children of war suffer deep wounds from what they have seen and done.  The Peace Lives Center in Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) provides physical, emotional and spiritual care, education and leadership development to 130 former child soldiers and orphans.  Children at the center receive holistic, rehabilitative care and learn to become leaders for peace, reconciliation, and forgiveness. Project Peace Lives will use funds granted to build a 30-bed dormitory for girls and to build a kitchen capable of preparing food for 130+ children each day.


Cogan Blackmon

Friday, November 07, 2014

[Salt-l] World Relief Campaign Applications

Happy Friday Salters!

You have made it through another week; now relax and enjoy your weekend.
As we look forward to our next meeting, this coming Tuesday we will be voting from 13 proposals down to 4.

Yes the process will be difficult, but what will help the most is making sure you know the applications well and have read through them!
This takes a little time, but it will help all of SALT make the best decision we can as a whole.
Attached is a folder that contains the proposals.

As you review, be sure to: examine each budget closely, discern how sustainable the project is, and make the connection of how this project matches with SALT's mission

Most importantly, find the proposal(s) you are most passionate about that will enable you to give all the love you can to the project and the people it will be impacting.

If you have any questions be feel free to ask me!